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    3 Hair Hacks for Long-Lasting Hair Extensions!

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    Your hair is one of your most important features. It frames your face and the colour and style is a direct reflection of your personality. Long, luscious locks can also take years of your age and add insta drama and glamour. That is why hair extensions Perth is becoming so popular. But are they worth the money? How long will they last? Well that depends on how well you look after them. Like your own natural hair, human hair extensions require due care and attention. Sure cheap hair extensions may only give you a few wears, but with our awesome hair hacks, your hair extensions will look beautiful for longer.

    Hair Hack #1 – Brush!

    You wouldn’t go a day without brushing your own hair would you? So the same brushing routine needs to be applied to your clip in hair extensions Perth too. Now to ensure you do not rip out the hair, we do recommend you purchase a hair extension brush. Try to brush your hair extensions twice a day, but maybe more to ensure it stays smooth and last longer.

    Hair Hack #2 – Hair Care

    As well as brushing your hair, you should also wash your hair regularly and use high quality hair extension hair care products. Do not overly scrub when washing and when styling your hair, use specific heat styling products so as not to damage the extensions.

    Hair Hack #3 – Sleep Routine!

    When you sleep in your hair extensions, the natural movements you make at night will cause you hair to rub against your pillow case and sheets. This can cause tangles and even damage. Go back to hair hack #1 and brush your hair thoroughly before you go to sleep. Once you hair is tangle free, tie it up in a loose plait, bun or even a low pony tail to reduce the amount of tangles. Bonus hair hack – Invest in a  silk pillowcase to avoid further damaging the hair.

    To summarise, the trick to long-lasting, beautiful hair extensions is to treat them with the same love and care as you would your own hair. Brush regularly, use only high quality products and protect your hair from heat styling.

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    All their hair extensions are made from 100% human hair by Remy. No matter what hair type, style or colour you are after, Queen Bee Hair will give you the exact look you are after at a great price. They have a colour matching service so you get a seamless look and they even offer a 30 day risk free exchange or refund *conditions apply.

    So for all your hair extensions Perth needs, choose Queen Bee and whip your hair back and forth with pride!