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    8 common kitchen renovation mistakes 8

    8 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes (and How You Can Avoid Them!)

    Whether you are remodelling or renovating your Perth home, your kitchen will be a sizeable project with a lot of hidden variables to factor in. Below is a list of the common kitchen renovations mistakes people make. Read and learn so that you can avoid these mistakes, and create your dream kitchen.

    Overlooking Storage

    Even if you’re working with a small space, you can’t afford to sacrifice storage or you will regret it later. Drawer dividers, pullout pantries, and cabinet door shelving are great ways to maximise space. But make sure to factor these elements into your design plan from the beginning, because adding in extra storage later, especially in tight spaces, can be expensive.

    8 common kitchen renovation mistakes

    Non-User-Friendly Design

    Although you will want your kitchen renovations to be aesthetically pleasing, it is also important to consider functionality. Building professionals know the importance of creating a work triangle in your kitchen. All this means is that your sink, oven/stovetop, and fridge should all be positioned closely together in the same zone of your kitchen to make cooking easier. Another important element of creating a functional kitchen is allowing enough counter space for food preparation.

    8 common kitchen renovation mistakes 2

    Doing It All Yourself

    Although you may wish to do your kitchen renovations yourself to save money, consulting with a professional at the beginning of your project for ideas and advice should be your first step before going it alone. This will save you from making major design flaws that cause headaches later.

    8 common kitchen renovation mistakes 3

    Not Sticking to a Budget

    Kitchen costs can quickly balloon out of control on renovation projects without the use of a budget. No matter how beautiful your dream kitchen is, you probably won’t be able to enjoy it if you overspend and rack up a mountain of debt. Allocate money to the most important things first: appliances, cabinets (typically a third of your kitchen’s cost will be cabinetry) and labour.

    8 common kitchen renovation mistakes 4

    Not Future-Proofing Your Kitchen

    Because kitchen renovations are a significant financial expenditure, you need to think about not just what you need in a kitchen now, but also what you might need in the future. Couples that plan to have kids should think ahead about what they might need in a kitchen as their family unit grows.

    8 common kitchen renovation mistakes 5

    Mismatched Design

    Cohesive kitchen designs are ones where every element of the kitchen is thought about as part of the larger whole. This means that your flooring choices, paint colours, cabinetry, splashbacks, and fixtures all go together. The best way to ensure a cohesive design is to narrow down your colour palette to 2-3 complementary shades. Also focus on an overall theme that guides your decision-making process rather than choosing individual elements that look great on Pinterest but might not work with the reality of your Perth kitchen.

    8 common kitchen renovation mistakes 6

    Choosing Appliances at The Last Minute

    Appliances are one of the first things that need to be purchased for your kitchen remodel because both where you want to put your fridge and oven and their dimensions will affect the size and locations of your cabinets, drawers, and storage areas. If you build the cabinets first, you may not have space for that super-sized beer fridge you always wanted for Perth summer barbecues.

    8 common kitchen renovation mistakes 7

    Choosing Low Resilience Materials

    Make cabinetry, countertop, and flooring choices based on durability as well as style. Large suburban Perth families will subject their kitchens to more wear and tear and foot traffic than single occupancy households so plan for this in advance and don’t be shortsighted. Ask questions about the expected lifespan of products and materials before purchasing.

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