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    Why Burning Your Green Waste Is NOT A Good Idea!

    Like most people, we accumulate a lot of green waste. From cooking waste, to garden leaves during autumn and pruning and trimming waste as you get your garden looking pristine for the summer, there’s always plenty to throw in your green waste bin. However there is a lot that can be made with green waste including compost and topsoil for re-use in your home.  It can even be used as bio fuel when disposed of properly. Green waste removal is an environmental friendly sustainable and also renewable choice.

    However, not everybody realises these benefits. Did you know that Eco-friendly waste, along with paper, cardboard, some hazardous wastes, plastics, tires, rubber etc is one of the most combustable and flammable types of waste products, natural wastes are thought about to be the most combustible and flammable, types of waste as well as one of the most common, with a total of 7 million tonnes of organic waste accumulated every year.

    Despite being a hassle-free choice, simply setting your green waste on fire is a poor waste disposal idea, whether in your own backyard or in your neighbourhood garbage dump.

    Listed below are the 3 main reasons why you should not burn your green waste.

    Why Burning Is Not An Efficient Method of Green Waste Removal

    1. Hazardous To Your Health & Safety

    Backyard and garbage dump fires is not the safest methods of green waste removal. Burning green waste releases toxic fumes and can pose a real threat to the health, especially amongst young kids, the elderly and family and neighbours with respiratory system conditions such as bronchial asthma and persistent respiratory disease.

    1. Damages To The Atmosphere.

    Green waste removal through burning causes damage to the environment. It leaves a pile of ashes and charred/melted product in your yard or garbage dump which travels with the wind and  infiltrates the soil.

    As people underestimate the care you need to take in green waste removal, oftentimes several other items are mixed causing a poisonous issue. When a fire bursts out, it causes damaging air pollution, particularly greenhouse gases where methane as well as carbon dioxide are created causing even more damage to the atmosphere.

    1. Economic Issues

    Burning is a non-economical type of rubbish disposal. The price of dealing with waste fires and various other ecological maintenance measures can injure the economic climate. During a fire, transportation as well as communications is substantially impacted. Additionally, the damages caused by any kind of fire results in the loss of local organisations and farming.

    how to dispose green waste safely and responsibly?

    Well as I am all about doing everything I can to help reduce my carbon footprint, my recommended method for green waste disposal is a green waste skip bin from Greedy Bins. Specialists in green waste bin hire you can choose several sizes from their mini skip bins at 2.5 m3 bins for minor waste disposal needs to 4.5 m3 bins. They take garden waste and dispose and recycle waste responsibly and ethically. We will deliver your green waste bin when you need it and their green waste collection service is at a low price, fast and reliable. Servicing Perth and the surrounding suburbs, they have the best prices, great service including same day delivery and outstanding customer service.