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    Ceramic Tile Resurfacing – A Quick Guide

    Are those formerly gleaming wall and floor tiles in your bathroom looking worse for wear? Have you attempted to restore them but to no avail? Don’t think your only option is to completely re-tile your bathroom. It may be the one that people go to most often, but there is a much better way. Bathroom resurfacing companies not only restore your bathroom suite, but also offer the option of resurfacing ceramic tiles. So what does that all entail? Take a read through our quick guide:

    What is ceramic tile resurfacing?

    Resurfacing ceramic tiles is just bringing new life and revitalising your tiles to make them look as good as new again. This is a great option if your tiles are not damaged but just need to look cleaner and brighter.

    What is the process of resurfacing ceramic tiles?

    Any loosened tiles are removed and re-fixed.

    Chips, crazing as well as other flaws are fixed

    Ceramic tile grouting is removed and replaced to ensure the entire surface area has a uniform appearance.

    Any kind of pipes installations that may obstruct of the resurfacing process are removed.

    The ceramic tiles are cleaned up and also prepared for resurfacing.

    Areas not to be resurfaced are covered up to protect them from overspray.

    A bonding representative is used.

    Approximately four surface area coats are related to the ceramic tiles.

    Warm drying out may be applied to accelerate the drying procedure.

    The coating layers can be tinted to match your existing ceramic tiles or you can select an entirely different colour.

    What about complete bathroom resurfacing?

    If your floor tiles are looking like the need a change, chances are your bath tub as well as vanity basin are looking a little shabby, too. The exact same firm that resurfaces your restroom floor tiles may additionally be able to resurface your bathroom, shower unit and vanity units too. Between the two resurfacing services, you can have a shower room makeover at a saving of over 80%.  For a total transformation, take into consideration mounting a modern-day shower screen and perhaps some extra special fittings from your savings to really give your bathroom a luxury look and feel.

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