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    Get the Low Down On Kitchen Splash Backs

    Having a splashback is a necessity in the kitchen, shielding your kitchen wall surface from splashes, oil marks and discolourations. As well as that it can also add a new style element to your kitchen and make a real statement. There are no shortage of places you can go to when buying a splash back with ones made from glass or acrylic sheets being the most popular. Below is a quick guide to help you choose between traditional splash backs or acrylic splashback.


    The first thing that many people will look at before selecting a splash back for their kitchen is the price. Glass splash backs have always been popular, however they can be incredibly pricey. If you are on a budget, the most cost-effective option is definitely an acrylic splashback.


    Of course you want your splash backs to last a long time. Glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass and therefor are relatively solid, however they can still fracture if knocked by a fry pan or any other kitchen area equipment. On the other hand an acrylic splash back is incredibly durable and is made to withstand almost anything, making it great as a splash back for your kitchen.


    There are so many style choices when it comes to coloured acrylic splash back or glass from so you can really go to town when choosing one for your kitchen. You can add a contrasting splash of colour to a bright white kitchen, add light to a small kitchen by opting for an acrylic mirror sheet or even have a design etched on to it

    Less complicated to cleanse- Acrylic plastic sheets are nice and easy to clean which is definitely a plus in the kitchen! You can clean them with warm soapy water and as they do not draw in dirt you won’t have to worry about heavy scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Glass splashbacks however are vulnerable to accumulating dirt and finger prints stains therefore will require a bit more elbow grease and regular cleaning.

    Hassle-Free Installation

    Acrylic Plastic sheets are light in weight and are for that reason simpler to install. Note also that even if you do get the glass splash back on a great price, you will have to pay extra for it to be fitted because it is heavy and fragile.

    So as you can see both glass and acrylic have their benefits and advantages however acrylic just scrapes through for its price point, durability, lightweight and hassle-free properties. When it comes to purchasing your acrylic sheet, I recommend CDC Laser who are Perth’s premier distributor of acrylic sheets, cut to size. They have a wide range of sheets in clear, colours, patterns, & custom grades.

    Their friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to answer any questions and offer you advice so you can be sure of making the right choice for your needs. Plus their in-house fabrication and high speed laser cutters mean you get the perfect splashback for your kitchen at a price that’s right.