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    Finally, a Mattress Disposal That Helps

    You may have just moved into your new apartment, or you’re getting ready to move out. Either way, one of the last things on your mind is figuring out where and how to dispose of a mattress from college days (or more recent). You can’t throw it illegally and don’t know how to dispose of the old, dirty piece of furniture that has served its purpose in your life? Don’t worry! You can find plenty of search results on junk removal in Melbourne and get a suitable company for yourself. On top of that, here are some tips and tricks about mattress disposal methods:

    How to dispose of a mattress

    1. Sell it and make money

    You can make some extra money by selling your old mattress to a company that deals with used beds. In fact, you might have an easier time if the business needs second-hand items and will offer more for them than individuals would
    be willing to pay!

    2. Donate it

    You might think that your old mattress is just a useless object. It may not be very attractive, but it can still comfort someone who needs it more than you do! But you could get more mileage out of the thing by listing on sites like Craigslist and Gumtree to see if anyone else might want what’s left once you’re finished with bedtime duties.

    3. Back to the manufacturer

    Most manufacturers now recycle mattresses and will happily take back an older model for recycling – only transportation is required. That’s mattress disposal easy made!

    4. Break it down

    Breaking down your old mattress for waste disposal can save you money and help the environment. It will be easy to reuse any parts of the box springs or frame which are not broken and add the rest to the hard rubbish collection.
    But if they’re too damaged for use then just dispose of them with other rubbish. Before breaking apart your foam layer, make sure that all metal has been removed from under it so as not to risk injury by cutting yourself on a sharp edge!

    5. Find a junk removal service

    If you need help getting rid of your old bed, the best option is to hire a junk removal service in Melbourne that will take care of everything from start to finish. The team will remove it and carry it off without any trouble at all while disposing of it in an environmentally friendly way. You can try looking up local places on the internet or even ask your friends in real life if they know any companies who could help move an old mattress around town and do the waste
    disposal for them.

    Don’t do this to the mattress!

    When you take action on mattress disposal, it is important to be careful not to dump the materials illegally. If done improperly, this can lead to fines and other detrimental outcomes for everyone involved in removing or disposing of the mattresses. Here’s how:

    1. Dumping a mattress illegally

    When you want to know how to dispose of a mattress, the last thing you want to do is illegally get rid of it.

    Fly-tipping is not the way to go. Not only are they illegal, but dumping a mattress on vacant land can get you in some serious trouble with fines and other charges from local authorities in big cities like Sydney or Melbourne.

    2. Burning a mattress.

    Our mattress is filled with toxic materials that can harm the environment and cause headaches and dizziness. So, please, whatever you do, never try to burn it or anything similar if you care about others and nature. Go to a junk removal service in Melbourne or follow the tips mentioned to do waste disposal the proper way.


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