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    water damage ceiling

    How to Repair a Water Damaged Plaster Ceiling

    A plaster ceiling damage by water is dangerous to a homeowner since it can weaken the entire structure of the ceiling. If the plaster ceiling damage stays for a long time without being repaired, it can significantly damage your ceiling and lead to mould formation. The damp ceiling or plaster ceiling damage is mainly caused by a hole in your roof, bath overflowing or burst pipe. It’s vital to fix this problem promptly to prevent any significant and costly damages down the line. If you are wondering how to repair your water damaged ceiling, several ceiling fixers Perth services will fix your ceiling and offer the best solution to your problem. 

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    Most common causes of water damage


    If your home produces different types of leaks, including the leaks from plumbing and roof leaks, it can cause water damage to the ceilings. 

    Structural damage

    If a wall stud or ceiling joint is damaged, the various parts of your home can shift. This shifting can create cracks or holes for water to penetrate through.

    Age of your home

    As years go by, homes tend to settle and shift, causing cracks in the ceilings and walls. These cracks cause damage, and water leaks will start to penetrate the ceiling. 

    How to repair water damaged plaster ceiling

    If you enjoy DIY projects, it’s possible to repair a little water damaged ceiling, ceiling leak or plaster ceiling. If you decide to do it yourself, you should first ensure that the ceiling is dry completely, then by using a putty knife, scrape off the entire damaged material. Next, clean the damp or moist cloth and let it dry. After ensuring that the area is completely dry, apply several coats of primer-sealer or stain-sealing primer. 

    You can seal small cracks or damages with fibreglass mesh tape and add some plaster. Larger cracks can be complex to fix; however, you can repair or amend water damage in plaster ceilings with drywall screws and plaster buttons while ensuring that the cracks are less than four inches. If you are experiencing more significant or severe damage, it’s better to seek a professional’s services or replace the entire ceiling.


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