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    Most Trusted Acrylic Sheets Distributor in Perth

    Acrylic Sheets Sales is a kinfolk run business founded in Perth WA, who professionally produce and supplies improved and sized acrylic signs. Among the services offered include superior laser cutting services, electrical labeling, and commercial labeling. The products perfectly match the competitor’s prices throughout Western Australia.

    This article helps you understand a number of the services offered and the top services provided by the company.

    Laser Cutting Services

    CDC uses modernized cutting machines which substantially reduce the need for machining boundaries on engineering works to save you cash. The Laser cutters tend to be very accurate on the millimeter sizes of about 12mm.  The machines cut with effortlessness, delicate or complicated shapes whose margins remains self-polished.

    All forms of custom intended projects can get cut as long as you supply the DXF or PDF AI or Corel Drawer file in a vector layout for the creation. Our laser machines cut chipboard, polypropylene wood, cardboard acrylic, and other nonferrous materials but not metal.

    Acrylic Mirror Sheets

    Acrylic Mirror, when compared to Glass Mirror, is lighter in weight but has variously pronounced makings qualifying it harmless to usage than glass. Also, the impact strength is ten times superior to glass.

    Additionally, the silver reflective exterior finish makes this acrylic mirror unbreakable with reverse grey support. However, the backing makes us not recommend any glue solvents use but instead an acrylic sticky tape or drill holes for mounting. It comes in a silver and gold surface.

    Another advantageous feature is that it can function both from the inside and outside. The thickness differs but working with 3mm remains ideal. We merely use the top quality since there exist less priced brands on the market but are incomparable with our product.

    We use the Acrylic Mirror when handling projects like Garden Mirror, dance Studio, Retail Display, Caravan Interior, Cosmetic Display, Children’s Bedrooms. Display cases, Wall features, Child Care Centers among others

    Acrylic Letters

    For you to accomplish the desired appearance through an affordable means, Acrylic letters use suits best. This option replaces the metal letters for any Acrylic signs with a high-quality look and reasonably priced.  The range of fonts makes it preferred for your building, walls, or office. The lightweight and long-lasting features make it fit for both inside and outside uses. The various options range from multiple thicknesses, colors, cut designs and how to mount.

    Cutting Acrylic Sheets and Perspex sheeting

    We trade a broad assortment of Acrylic Sheets which when sized get obtainable by pre-order or counter order as you wait for about 10 to 30minutes. Our store has a wide variety of colors of about 3-4.5 mm and textures and mockups to match your project requests.

    We provide all our customer’s modernized laser techniques through the high-end services and supplied product. Also, the boundaries allied to machining lowers the prices and offers excellent products. The machines can also cut multipart, delicate, and bordered shapes as per the client requests.  The resulting items become self-polished mechanically as the engravings get executed.

    Acrylic Sheet Sales is here to serve you with the high expertise skills for every of your laser engraving machines needs including acrylic signs. The many year’s experiences with the currently used and advanced machines with no considerable engineering power will suit you.

    Our recommendation for acrylic sheet manufacture:

    CDC Laser Cutting


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