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    Office Fitouts & Employee Wellbeing – How The Two Are Linked

    With so many hours spent working, it is important that staff members are motivated and happy when they are working. There are many things that can impact employee well being but what may come as a surprise to many is the negative impact the workplace layout can have. That is why office fitouts Perth are big business. Here are a few considerations to help you gain more of an understanding and assist you when choosing an interior designer.

    Workspace needs to be light, bright, airy, roomy and comfortable. It needs to allow adequate space and allows for great communication and collaboration.  This can significantly impact the mood around the space as well as improve productivity and efficiency. As an employer, these are things that will increase revenue and add value to your brand.

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    Illumination & State of mind

    Lighting is everything and no doubt one of the most crucial elements when it comes to work performance and morale. A poorly-lit workplace may cause a reduction in productivity and effectiveness, especially if they are working till late in the evening. Ensure you have adequate lighting including mood lighting and don’t skimp on this simple, yet essential element in your design.

    Dividers & Attention

    Open-plan offices are increasingly popular. Nevertheless, raising numbers of companies are learning that the open-plan layout is having an adverse effect on their employees’ mood.

    Staff members require a great deal of concentration to finish important tasks. If they are being regularly disturbed by their associates, they could lose their concentration and focus. If you have seen this occurring in your open-plan workplace, you may want to consider dividers. These partitions will certainly provide staff members the private area they need in order to finish tasks and avoid unnecessary disturbances by their associates.

    Lunch Spaces & Well being

    If you have worked in an office, you will know that so many people do not take a appropriate lunch break when they are working. Lots of staff members eat their meals at their computer, or even worse still, they miss meals altogether. A proper break throughout the day is necessary because it gives individuals power and elevates their state of mind. Create an appropriate lunch area with sufficient space for individuals to rest rounded tables and take pleasure in a leisurely lunch whilst they communicate with their colleagues.

    Meeting Rooms & Personal Space

    A conference room needs to be large enough for individuals to rest at a shared work desk comfortably. Cramped meeting rooms can be demoralising, so ensure that the rooms have sufficient room for tables, chairs and devices without everyone feeling that they are invading each other’s personal space and sitting on top of each other.

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