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    Don’t Let a Broken Garage Door Ruin Your Day – Call the Pros

    Have you ever had your garage door stop working when it was needed most? When this happens, the frustration can be unbearable. The reasons for a stuck garage door are many and varied, but with the proper knowledge, you can find out quickly what’s wrong and how to fix it. Find a company to check your garage door spare parts in Perth can help you identify what might have gone wrong. The right garage door service company can help you to organise suitable replacements for lost pieces so that you can fix them as soon as possible. It is of high importance to keep the garage door parts well-maintained. Otherwise, the problems will be constantly reoccurring. But sometimes it’s not only spare parts that are the problem. Here are further reasons, what could be the source:

    Why your garage door is not closing all the way


    Do not let anything get in the way of your garage door from closing. Ensure to clean up any items that might be blocking its path and inspect all moving parts for potential damage before you attempt a complete close again.


    If you think it is strange that your garage door won’t close, the problem could be with one or both safety sensors. These twin sensors usually sit near the bottom of your garage door and face each other. They emit a signal across to determine whether there is anything in their way while closing and will make the door stop working if that is the case. So first, make sure both of them receive power overall.


    Some sensors send a continuous signal to your garage door that something is in the way. This can occur if one sensor was moved or hit and sends an error message back to the main controller board. The light on these sensors should be lit up when they’re aligned, so you know which one needs to be put back in place. However, if one of them is visibly broken, look for garage door spare parts in Perth.


    In the main controller board of the garage door, there’s a default setting that decides how far to close the door. Sometimes the adjusting can be wrong because it has been improperly set or simply drifts over time. Try changing the travel limit setting if your garage door does not close all the way.


    If any of the springs that help open and close the door break or become damaged somehow, the door will not properly align itself again without help from an expert. Fortunately for homeowners who are less-than handy when it comes to mechanical repairs, a quick visual inspection is usually all that’s needed before determining whether one of them needs a professional replacement.


    If your garage door is not closing all the way, it could also be linked up to the cables. With these in a garage door responsible for being fully operational, they must be kept up to date and intact. A visual inspection will identify any worn or damaged cable that may need replacing.


    The tracks that the garage door goes down on are essential to make sure it is closing properly. If they have been bent, warped or otherwise damaged, then this may stop your garage from being able to close up entirely. In this case, you might need a new track to work again and get it installed by professionals.

    All Time Garage Doors

    As you’ve read, some of these problems can be easily fixed on your own. However, other issues such as reparations, electronic stuff or garage door parts are best left up to professionals; and I am saying that based on my own
    Your friends at All Time Garage Doors definitely know how to get the job done. That’s why they have serviced residents in Perth Metro and suburbs for years with high-quality service, receiving five stars on Google reviews from delighted customers like me! Here you can benefit from professional work and great expertise.
    If your garage door is not closing all the way, making an unusual noise, or if you need some garage door spare parts in Perth, give them a call today and have a team member around within a day or two.

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