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    sagging ceiling

    Sagging Ceiling? – What To Do About It

    If you’ve ever experienced the horror of a sagging ceiling, you know the panic it causes and the desperate scramble to find an expert ceiling repair before the entire ceiling caves in! The last thing you want is your roof on the floor and the hassle of a costly insurance battle on your hands which you may well lose!

    In many cases it is not much cause for alarm and can be fixed pretty easily and quickly but only if you catch it early on and call in the experts as opposed to doing it yourself.

    What You Should Look Out For

    I know that staring at the ceiling isn’t something you do regularly, if at all. However as you go through your home, you will no doubt see things that seem a bit odd. For example there may be some cracks in the walls or your floor boards will creak. These are things that do tend to happen because your home will inevitably face wear and tear. Just as you notice these things, it is important to regularly check your ceilings so you can catch the early warning signs of potential sagging ceiling trouble ahead. These early warning signs can include things like moisture, cracks, visible screw holes and gaps between the timber and plasterboard.

    What Are Sagging Ceiling Causes?

    There are many reasons for a sagging ceiling. Often times it is due to the ageing process of the home. That being said, many properties under 5 years of age have been poorly built and this too results in ceiling cracks and sagging ceilings that need to be seen to asap. Other causes include frail guttering, storm damage, heavy weight on the joists and more.

    Who You Should Call

    Ceiling repair calls for the experts. While you may think you can plaster over the cracks or paint over the moisture stains, you are not tackling the cause of the issue and this will only lead to more work and more cost in the long run.

    For all your ceiling repair needs, I recommend Southern Ceiling Repairs. They are number one in ceiling repair and can fix sagging plasterboard, plaster glass and Gyprock ceilings no matter the problem or the size. With a super knowledgable and friendly team, you can contact them as soon as you notice something wrong with your ceiling and they will provide an on site inspection and a no obligation quote.

    Servicing Perth including ceiling and wall repair Bunbury. Southern Ceiling Repairs is recognised as Western Australia’s premium ceiling installer and Ceiling repairs at affordable prices. They are fully licensed and their insured services leaves you with complete peace of mind when it comes to ceiling safety.