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    Are Sagging Ceilings a Deal Breaker When Buying Property

    Are Sagging Ceilings a Deal Breaker When Buying Property?

    A sagging plaster ceiling most of the time goes unnoticed by the untrained eye, hiding serious problems that require plaster ceiling repair any homeowner would want to know about. What causes a ceiling to sag, and should a sagging ceiling be a deal breaker when buying a house?

    Ceiling sagging can be caused by a number of factors. It may be apparent right away in some cases. There may be a crack in the paint or a tilt in the ceiling that requires plaster ceiling repair, for example. Others may not notice anything until the ceiling becomes loose and no longer supports the weight of the fan requiring urgent Perth ceiling repairs.

    Wet ceilings can cause damage to beams and supporting frames. Occasionally, a frame may be too small, or even lack load-bearing beams. Moving foundations can lead to sagging ceilings and overheated wiring in light fixtures. There are more causes than this, but it’s important to determine the severity of them before you take any action like Perth ceiling repairs.

    If a Ceiling Needs to Be Repaired, How Can I Tell?

    There are sometimes obvious signs. At other times, they may be difficult to see. Be aware of the following:

    What Should I Do if the Ceiling of a Home We’re Considering Buying Sags?

    The first thing you should do is to have a building inspector inspect the ceiling during the pre-purchase inspection. An inspector will determine the cause and severity of the sagging ceiling so you can make an informed decision.

    If you have a quote for plaster repair cost, you can use that to negotiate the sale price. If the issue is structural, you may decide you need to move on. Since sagging ceilings can be a safety hazard, the severity of the condition usually determines the outcome.

    Well, that depends on the outcome of a professional inspection. Sagging ceilings can be an eyesore and an easy fix, but they can also pose a safety hazard and cause severe accidents. You can determine whether either of these is a deal-breaker if you have professional advice.

    Whether you have issues with your current ceiling or want expert advice on a property you want to purchase, Perth Ceiling Repairs can help. We can provide thorough inspections and provide plaster ceiling repair that can help prevent small issues requiring full-scale Perth ceiling repairs or replacements.