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    Skippers Ticket WA – Water Driving Course

    If you want to take your sailing skills to the next level and become captain of your own ship, then why not get your Skippers ticket Perth? It may not have been something you have considered or even heard of before, but the skipper’s course is a must for boat owners and keen sailors. The course is quick, easy and can be done at any reputable boating school in Perth. I sat my course at the Sea Safe Boat School and was skippering my own boat in no time at all. For more info, you can click here.

    Do I Need To Take the Water Driving Course?

    While taking the course is not a legal requirement, it does give you a licence to prove you know the fundamentals of sailing, are familiarised with the equipment, can take care of the boat, are confident and comfortable in the water and adhere to all the necessary health and safety guidelines for happy sailing.

    Will I make use of my ticket?

    Once you have your skippers ticket Perth, you will want to make full use of it. If you use the boat regularly and take out the family and friends for days out on the sea, it makes sense to get the skippers licence Perth. Maybe you only use your boat for the odd day out fishing and therefore don’t need the licence? Well while that may be true, once you get your skippers ticket you will be able to spend more time on the seas because you’re licensed and have more knowledge and peace of mind.

    Think of the places you can go? You can sail to Rottnest Island, see the fireworks on the river on NYE or go on sailing expeditions around our great shoreline. Either way, you will make more use of your boat and gain more enjoyment having sat the course. The Sea Safe Boat School offers the best training course at an economical cost with high-quality instruction.

    Which boating school Perth is the best?

    The Sea Safe Boat School is the leading Perth boat school due to its course structure, flexibility, pricing, instruction and pass rate. There are different course options to choose from so it doesn’t matter if you recently bought a boat and are a sailing novice, or an experienced sailor. The theory course goes through everything you need to be a confident and safe sea captain. It includes plenty of learning materials including DVDs as well as face-to-face instruction. After the theory quiz, you can move on to the practical element which is carried out in the modern, state of the art boats.

    Getting your skipper’s ticket Perth at the Sea Safe Boat School is easy due to their care and experienced, knowledgeable and professional tutors. You can book a place, day and time that suits your schedule so what are you waiting for?

    There is no time like the present to go out and seize the day with a skippers ticket from the best boating school in Perth!