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    What Sand Type Do I Need?

    Ensuring you choose the right sand type for your project is a crucial factor in the success of your project, be that commercial, residential or business. With so many companies offering different sand supplies Perth, it is important to choose one that can advise you on the best sand type for use, supply only the highest quality, give you an affordable rate and flexible sand delivery Perth.

    Below is a guide put together by leading sand supplies Perth company; Premium Allsands.

    Brickies Sand

    If you want a hard-set result for your project then you should be looking at Brickies Sand. This is a type of sand which contains particles of clay so the sand does not soak up or hold water. This makes it ideal for brick laying and block work. Use 6 parts of brickies sand to 1 part cement and it will mix perfectly for the idea mortar for your brickwork. You can also add gravel to the mixture to create a useable concrete.

    Fill Sand Perth

    Fill Sand is just that. It is an incredibly fine sand fills the spaces around your materials to make it more stable and prevent movement. It is also perfect for areas that require a level and compacted base of sand with necessary drainage such. This fill sand can be used as a base for a new garden shed or fishpond.

    Plaster Sand

    Plaster sand is a mix of fine sand that is screened to remove obstructive particles such as stones or twigs.  Because of this it is the perfect sand to create a plastering mix to fill holes and spaces between bricks to reduce movement.

    You can get all your sand supplies Perth through Premium Allsands. Located in Waroona, south of Perth, they are a family owned and operated business that has been supplying sand throughout WA for many years.

    They boast a large range of high quality soil and sand supplies in Perth with the best sand prices per cubic meter.

    The team at Premium Allsands are extremely experienced in sourcing the best sand and are always on hand to help you out with the right advice, the right quantities and of course recommend the best materials for your project.

    Additionally, Premium Allsands provide quality sand supplies Perth to ECO group and play key part in ECO group’s closed loop operations. The voids from mining sands are filled with treated and clean waste before being capped and rehabilitated to comply with the ECO groups environmental program.

    For all your sand supplies Perth needs, you can count on Premium Allsands. Whether you are a homeowner looking for sand for your overground pool, a golf course owner looking for white sand Perth for your bunkers, or a building constructor looking for brickies sand Perth, they have it all and at a price that is right and offer sand delivery Perth and surrounds.